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Press Release Regarding

Lighthouse Charter School Petition


There are four charter schools currently in West Sacramento.  The Washington Unified School District has authorized two of these schools and the others were authorized by neighboring school districts.  Our Board of Education considers each charter petition carefully and district staff works with legal counsel to conduct extensive reviews and analysis of each petition submitted. 
Today, the Washington Unified School District informed the Lighthouse Charter School (LCS) petitioners that their most recently proposed plans violate the terms of their conditionally approved charter petition and the Education Code.
The LCS charter petition states that LCS will construct a campus at Lighthouse Drive and Douglas Avenue in advance of the 2015/2016 school year, and that LCS will serve students in grades K-2, 7, and 8 in its first year of operation.
The LCS charter petitioners have recently informed the District that they intend to lease space at multiple churches for school operations, that they have added a transitional kindergarten program, and that they will not have a middle school program until 2018 at the earliest.
If enacted, these would be substantial changes to the terms of the conditionally approved LCS charter petition.  At no point have the LCS charter petitioners sought the District’s approval for these changes.  For these reasons, the District has put LCS on notice that LCS is violating the terms of its conditionally approved charter petition and the Education Code, and that the District expects LCS to promptly remedy the situation.  Please click this link to view a copy of the letter to the LCS Charter Petitioners.
Dayton Gilleland, Ed.D.


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